Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj S.C.

Former Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago

Afra Raymond

Citizen Activist

Citizen Empowerment Through Freedom of Information 

Global Day of Citizen Action - Saturday May 16th, 2015 5:00-8:00 PM PST

The Conversations for Change Series profiles leading business, civic and social change advocates who have a demonstrable track record in achieving breakthrough change on public and social issues. 


Citizen Empowerment Through Freedom of Information

Across the globe, as frustration between citizen and the state grows, advances in technology, transparency laws and civic awareness are changing the political game forever. 

Join us for a live conversation  between two men who have become civic game-changers in Trinidad and Tobago. Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj SC (the Attorney General who championed the passage of the FOI legislation and a leading Public Interest Advocate), Afra Raymond (Citizen Change-Maker & Activist who successfully used the FOI to drive breakthrough change) and moderated by Rishi Maharaj (Former Head of the FOI Unit of Trinidad and Tobago and our very own Information & Privacy Technologist, Disclosure Today).

The implications of recent landmark FOI decisions including JCC v Minister of Planning & Sustainable Development (2014) for citizen change-makers will be considered.

Become a part of the conversation on the changing role of the citizen in the 21st century.

Attendance is FREE. RSVP below now, to access our Conversation for Change brochure and be part of a limited live audience or to access our online broadcast feed.

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